Fair Weather Friends

1. used in or intended for fair weather only
2. weakening or failing in time of trouble

So what does this really mean?

Everyone in life has had at least one fair weather friend even if they never have or will ever realize whom they are. Unfortunately too many go through the hard road learning this lesson.

The day comes, you feel lost crying for your friends help but they never show. In your true moment of crisis you feel alone. You begin questioning yourself, wondering how your best “friends” could ever do this to you.

Maybe you haven’t had a crisis. You remember their birthdays to which the exclaim they are a shitty friend and you need to hang out but you never hear from them again until the time comes that they need you.

it doesn’t matter what is said. You will always be judged much more on your actions than you ever will with your words. Your words may not help you much when followed through, but every time you don’t follow through will be detrimental to the friendship.

Truly take the time to not just “talk” about what you’re going to do but rather accompany the words with immediate action. If you say you are going to be there for someone, you better be when the time comes.

The Beginning

The hardest part of doing anything is always that first step creating the beginning. We often think we must thave the end result RIGHT NOW, but we don’t.

Life never conform to this way of thinking. Kids grow into adults. Saplings grow into trees. Car parts become a usable vehicle. None have the end in the beginning.

Take a step towards the future you want. Do not get caught up believing certain steps are irrelevant because they  may lack distance traveled. Every step matters when it takes you even the tiniest bit closer to the life you want.